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———————————No boost?———————————

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Did you know my profile picture is actually a gif? hover your mouse over it to see it movin'

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I think it's time to move from artix/arch

I learnt enough from runit (I think?) TIME TO CHANGE!!!!!

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Alpine linux downloaded 👍

Now I wanna try gentoo without GNU core utils so I stop to say "GNU/Linux" user

oh boy spot my instance on the wild

someone uses my sites, I'm happy

We need a real open source computer

Hardware are open and we can repair in our own

and software on github or whatever git


Me: Uses pyscript instead

Are you fucking happy now? no?

Why do I hear chopper sound each time I start to mine ETC??

I wanna make modified arch linux and called it Ismael Linux

fuck you, it will be good distro

Mind you it's a FUCKING payment site for my ISP .

These people should know https, it's not like weird underground e-commerce

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A word to all streaming services: For the love of god, please stop put gays into EVERYTHING, enough. I'm scared to drink tea and find gay in it!

I have started several wars online

People hate me for a reason okay? 😂

A word to my ISP: Fuck you, you piece of shit. you little cunts, you whore, you mother fuckers. milf bitches

What maybe I want to add more is in sports, anime and tv shows

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