Preseed is like set default settings, mostly work with debian based distros (I think?) so yup

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What :O you can preseed linux distros?? I keep learning about linux everyday 😂

I present:

so you do not need to buy t-shirts, you can print it on your own

People are happy because you can't profit by mining with your GPU

now wait till all mine XMR with their CPU

I use some plugins:
- Viaversions: so you can use older version and still join the server
- Clearlagg: to opimize lag
- Geyser: so bedrock users can join too
- GriefPrevention: so when you build, no one can break your builds
- Negativity: for anti-cheat
- NoChatReports: to block chat report in mc1.19+
- SkinsRestorer: to see skins in my cracked mc server

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A temp mc server is at (using aternos) so take it for now until I get better alt 😅

Because I ditched my seedbox (no longer need it, thanks google rate limiting my upload/download to my shared folder) I'm looking to finally open my gaming server

which will have mc and tf2 (hopefully) or will start with mc at least

Thanks to my country who blocks VPN access to wireguard and because of that I fucking can't use my server as dns server

Look, I suck at grammar and I want to be good at it so that makes me a pro-grammer

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