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I'm either super smart or people in my social circle are incredibly dumb...

After little of digging out, waydroid runs ok on x11 gentoo 🎉

however docker logs still active so looking into ways for it

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Thank god, finally solved my wine problems

Now, I can run Stray in peace.

or if I can live without logs at all then fuck it, no logs at all

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So instead of I anonymize IPs, I closed off both access and error logs

Until I find a good way to anonymize IPs

It's really sad to see bibliogram retiring...damn you meta

I'm unsure how @TheFrenchGhosty always knows about latest frontend alternatives...but it's ok, I visit their site and see what's new and self-host it too 😂

Can't eat animals because they are alive, and can't eat vegetables because plants are alive.

WTF to eat now??

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